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We Pay Our Investors First

Portfolio Backed by First Trust Deeds on Coastal Southern California Real Estate

Beachfront property in California

Providing a safe & consistent 7.5% annual investment return

  • Preservation of investor capital
  • Secured by 1-to-2-year loans on quality real estate in primarily Coastal Southern California
  • No load fund – the sponsor absorbs all operating costs
  • As the Manager, we’ve invested over $2 million (5% minimum equity in the fund) subordinated to our investor’s capital
  • $250,000 minimum investment
  • Monthly distributions
  • Liquidity upon 60 Days Notice to the Sponsor

We pay our investors first, each and every month!

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Benefits of Investing with Trinity Mortgage Fund

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Coastal home in Del Mar, CA
Custom home in Coronado, CA

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