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FAQs: Income Producing Real Estate Loans

Offering Medium-term Loan Programs in the Southern California market.

What product types are you focused on?

We focus on multi-tenant industrial and multi-family rental units, R&D and office/warehouse.

What geographic areas do you lend in?

We lend in the San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles markets.

What are your typical interest rates for income producing real estate loans?

Our rates depend on the location, product-type, risk, and term of the loan but we’re typically in the 9.99-11.99% range. We provide a fixed interest rate over the term of your loan.

What is your typical loan term for income producing real estate loans?

Majority of our loan terms are 3 to 5 years with a fixed interest rate.

What are your typical loan amounts for income producing real estate loans?

Our loan amounts range from $1M to $5M.

What is your typical Loan-to-Value (LTV) rate?

Flexible up to 65% loan-to-value with a 1.2 - 1.5 DCR. We require our borrowers to have real equity in the transaction.

If the project requires rehab or lease up, do you provide construction loans?

Yes, when requested we provide construction holdbacks as part of our loan packages. We will consider a construction holdback for improvements, repairs, commissions, etc. which we will fund upon completion of the improvements and new market lease(s) in place. Our goal is to help our Borrowers reposition the asset, stabilize the property at a higher net operating income (NOI) and enable the Borrower to pursue conventional financing upon stabilization.

Will you consider a vacant building?

We will lend on a vacant building if there is a credible lease in process with an approved creditworthy tenant. We will underwrite the initial tranche based on current market rents and operating expenses that we believe in.

Do you have any other fees?

  • Our Lender fee is 1-2 points.
  • We require $2,000 in legal fees.
  • Appraisals are required.
  • We require a Phase 1 environmental assessment.
  • Are there any prepayment penalties?

  • Within year one - 3 point fee.
  • 12 - 24 months - 2 point fee.
  • 24 - 36 months - 1 point fee.
  • Over 37 months - no fees.
  • Why should we consider working with Trinity Mortgage Fund?

    Trinity Mortgage Fund is not a typical private real estate lender. For our team, lending is a relationship, not a transaction. The Trinity Mortgage Fund founders and managing principals have worked together for over 30 years, bringing over 100 years of combined real estate experience in the Southern California and Denver markets. Our three principals are involved in every loan decision and have been in your shoes. They have been directly involved in the acquisition, entitlement, finance, development, leasing, and management of virtually every type of commercial and residential real estate. Our goal is to as quickly as escrow, insurance and title can go and help our clients to reposition an asset and stabilize the project for higher rents so they can then go to a conventional bank to underwrite the property based on the new improvements. Reach out today for a quote!

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