For Investors

Trinity Mortgage Fund engages in business activities that include the buying, selling and originating of loans secured by commercial real estate focusing on San Diego County and southern Orange and Riverside Counties. The Fund will invest in a wide variety of real estate loans, including loans secured by entitled land, commercial property, industrial property, multi-family property, new construction and rehabilitation loans and 1-4 unit residential properties (excluding owner occupied single family homes).

Key Factors

  • Investors in the Fund will be members in the LLC and receive a priority fixed distribution of 6% annual rate paid monthly.
  • The Fund Manager, ACT Capital Group, Inc. (owned equally by McColl, Francis and Kuptz) is only compensated after Investors receive their monthly priority distribution.
  • The Fund is for Accredited Investors having a net worth exceeding $1 Million (excluding the Investor’s primary residence) or having individual income in excess of $200,000 in each of the two previous years, or if investing with a spouse, in excess of $300,000.
  • The expected time frame of the Fund is five to ten years. We encourage Investors to consider a minimum of 1-2 year investment horizon.
  • All pertinent Fund documents – the Private Placement Memorandum, LLC Operating Agreement, Investor Questionnaire and Subscription Agreement are available upon request from the Fund Manager, ACT Capital Group, Inc.
  • This website is not an offering of securities and the Investment does not guarantee a return and involves risk and limited liquidity.